Short Courses


Saturday Class
from 8:00am to 1:00pm
12 session
(60 Hours)

 Course Outline:

  • 1st Session: History of Culinary Art
  • Basic tools and equipment
    Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
    Kitchen Organizations
  • 2nd Session: Basic Culinary Terminologies
  • 3rd Session: Knife Skills
  • 4th Session: Cooking Methods
  • 5th Session: Basic Stocks
  • 6th Session: Basic Sauces
  • 7th Session: Grilling and Roasting
  • 8th Session: Sautéing and Deep Frying
  • 9th Session: Steaming and Stewing
  • 10th Session: Braising and Blanching
  • 11th Session: Simmering and Poaching
  • 12th Session: Baking Cooking Techniques


  • 1 Chef Jacket with apron and chef hat
  • Recipe and Manuals Hand Outs
  • Cost of Ingredients 
  • Identification Card