Certificate in Culinary Arts

The Certificate in Culinary Arts program covers 2 fundamental TESDA qualifications which are Cookery NCII and Bread and Pastry Production NCII. The hands-on learning experiences and in-depth knowledge gained from the program will prepare the students for the grueling world of the food service industry. 

The students will spend 9 months training in the school and another 3 months on-the-job-training in our 3-5 Star Hotel partners. Upon completion of the program’s requirements, the students is required to take a National Assessment for the Cookery NC II and Bread and Pastry Production NC II.  The students after completion will be issued a Certificate and 2 National Certificates from TESDA.

Inclusion for Certificate in Culinary Arts

  • Cost of ingredients
  • 2 Chef’s Jacket, with apron, chef hat
  • Identification card
  • Recipe and Manuals Hand Outs 
  • 1 Knife Set